Can My Teen Get Invisalign?

Can my teen get Invisalign?

Yes, your teen can get Invisalign. Invisalign cost makes them an affordable option for teens as the technology stands out compared to traditional braces. If you want your teenager to have straightened teeth, go for Invisalign. They are more comfortable to wear and come with more options.

Conditions That Invisalign Teen Treats

Invisalign is an advanced technology that treats a wide range of orthodontic and dental conditions previously managed with traditional braces. Treatable conditions include:

  •    Open bite
  •    Underbite
  •    Crossbite
  •    Deep bite
  •    Overbite
  •    Crowded teeth
  •    Spaced teeth

Why Choose Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign Is Almost Invisible  

Invisalign is an excellent option over metal braces because it is less noticeable. Teenagers with braces usually try to hide their smiles. If your kid is uneasy about the thought of wearing metal braces, Invisalign would be the most appropriate treatment option.

Whether your teenager wants to leave a good impression at homecoming events and school dances or is active in sports, Invisalign guarantees quality care. Let your child shine with invisible clear aligners for photos. They will also be more confident, which helps to boost their mental health.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Cleaning Invisalign for teens is a lot easier to manage than metal braces. Many teenagers cut corners on flossing and brushing metal braces because maintenance is hard. But with invisible aligners, it is easy to keep your teenager’s braces and mouth more hygienic and cleaner.

Invisible aligners are removable, unlike braces, so your child can remove the tray to brush and floss their teeth. Such easy use means teenagers can follow their routine to maintain good oral hygiene.

Invisalign Uses Gentler and Slower Movements

Any discomfort or pain felt with Invisalign aligners is milder due to the slow and gentle movements compared to braces. Metal braces come with large anchors on the teeth, which dig into cheeks and lips, causing pain if the teenager is not careful.

Worse, if the wires on metal braces break, they can cut the tongue and cheeks. Cuts in the mouth can cause an infection and prompting a trip to the orthodontist.

The pain one feels with braces is usually mild and short-lived, but it is even milder with Invisalign. If your teenager is concerned or sensitive about discomfort or pain, Invisalign is the way to go. Invisible aligners are made of solid plastic. You will only need to go to the orthodontist if your teenager loses the aligners.

No Dietary Restrictions

There are many restrictions with metal braces, making it hard to know if your teenager is following those restrictions. For example, one cannot eat hard foods like corn on the cob, ice, and popcorn with braces.

Metal braces are usually tightened, preventing teenagers from enjoying their favorite foods. Invisalign is removable, unlike traditional braces, which means no dietary restrictions.

Your teenager can eat all the foods they love. They just need to take off the tray aligners before eating. They should also brush their teeth before putting the trays back.

Invisalign Comes With a Blue Wear Dot Indicator

Many parents are usually concerned about teenagers wearing Invisalign aligners because they are removable. Patients can remove them to drink, eat, and clean them. The concern is that they may be tempted to remove them more than prescribed.

Invisalign aligners come with blue compliance indicators to help parents and orthodontists to keep treatment on track. They can easily tell if teenagers are wearing Invisalign for at least 20 hours every day.

If aligners are worn as prescribed, the blue dots fade away slowly in two weeks. If your teenager does not wear them as recommended, the blue dot will be visible.

Invisalign Comes With Complimentary Replacements

Between sports, friends, and school, teenagers are quite busy. As a parent, it is normal to worry about what happens in case of breakage or loss.

Your Invisalign may come with replacement aligners at no extra cost. If your teenager loses one or a few, you do not have to pay additional charges for replacement.

Also, Invisalign for teens has extra space to accommodate growing teeth. As new molars erupt, a special feature guides the new teeth into position to prevent alignment issues. They are the best option for teenagers since their teeth are still growing.

Consider Invisalign Cost When Choosing an Orthodontist

Invisalign cost is almost the same as that of traditional braces. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we recognize that each patient has individual needs. Our orthodontics services include traditional metal braces, self-ligating braces, clear ceramic braces, and clear aligners (Invisalign). While we offer braces services for teens, we also have braces options available for adults.

We are courteous to every patient who walks through our doors. Whether you are a child, adolescent, or an adult, our staff is dedicated to providing quality orthodontics. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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