Tech Used During an Orthodontics Appointment

Orthodontics Chair

An orthodontist can correct dental misalignments and deformities involving your teeth and jawbone to improve your smile. Palm Beach Orthodontics can help you regain confidence and eliminate pain resulting from teeth misalignment. We use the latest technology to guarantee our patients’ comfort and achieve the best results.


X-rays, also known as orthodontic radiographs, are a key component in our practice. We use x-rays to identify the positions of patients’ teeth and jaws to determine the ideal treatments for their dental situations. Our orthodontist can recommend an intraoral or extraoral x-ray based on your oral issue.

Intraoral X-rays 

An intraoral x-ray is used to identify issues in your mouth. Common types of intraoral x-rays include bitewing, periapical and occlusal x-rays. Bitewing x-rays show the state of your upper and lower teeth. These x-rays show teeth from their crowns to their supporting bones. They can reveal decay and wear of dental fillings, allowing our orthodontist to recommend an ideal treatment.

Periapical x-rays show full teeth — everything from the crown to the end of the root. This x-ray can reveal issues with the root or unusual changes in your bone structure.

Occlusal x-rays show the roof or floor of the mouth, allowing our orthodontist to spot extra teeth or slow-developing ones.

Extraoral X-rays 

Extraoral x-rays are used to identify issues in the skull or jaw that may be causing dental problems. Common extraoral x-rays include panoramic x-rays, cephalometric projections, and tomograms.

Panoramic x-rays reveal the entire mouth in one x-ray, making it easier for our orthodontist to identify jaw abnormalities.

Cephalometric projections show an entire part of the head, allowing our orthodontist to study your teeth in relation to your jaw and facial profile. This x-ray can help in determining the ideal realignment treatment for you.

Tomograms show a particular part of the mouth while blocking the rest. They’re suitable for examining structures that may be difficult to see when viewed alongside other mouth structures.

iTero Scanner 

The iTero scanner is a key technology in our office since Invisalign is one of our specialties. This scanner captures your teeth and gum structures, allowing the effective use of Invisalign.

The scanner works by emitting a safe, radiation-free laser from the machine’s wand. Our orthodontist will scan the wand over your mouth to make an impression of your oral structures. The process is painless and can lead to an accurate 3D model of your mouth, facilitating efficient treatment.

With an iTero scanner, the risk of creating too big or too small Invisalign aligners diminishes. The scanner also helps us maximize our patient’s comfort, as it can sometimes eliminate the need for taking physical impressions of your teeth.

The Benefits of Technology in Orthodontics 

Digital imaging technologies like the iTero scanner play a key role in diagnosing and treating orthodontic problems. Here are reasons why Palm Beach Orthodontics invests in the latest tech:


Technologies like x-rays allow us to capture contours and details that would otherwise be difficult to see. A cephalometric projection can allow us to view your teeth in relation to your jaw and profile, helping us detect misalignment issues immediately. With such technology, you don’t have to worry about misdiagnosis or trial-and-error treatments. Our orthodontist will clearly understand your oral problems and recommend effective treatment.

Patient Comfort 

Computerized technology like the iTero scanner eliminates the need for invasive imaging. You don’t have to deal with the taste of putty or contrast agents in your mouth when our orthodontist takes teeth impressions. With iTero scanning, the wand used is enough to get a 3D impression of your mouth.


Orthodontic technology can make your appointment at Palm Beach Orthodontics quick and efficient. Computerized imaging is not only accurate but also fast. It takes just a few minutes for an ITero scanner to capture your dental structures, allowing you to get back to other commitments after your appointment.

Why Should You Schedule an Orthodontics Appointment?

Our orthodontist can properly align your teeth, allowing you to enjoy multiple benefits, including:

Reduced Strain on the Jaw 

Teeth misalignment can affect the way you talk or chew. You may have to exert pressure on your jaw to communicate properly and chew without biting yourself. The pressure puts the jaw in positions it isn’t supposed to be, causing discomfort. Proper teeth alignment can help you speak and chew normally, allowing your jaw to relax.

Improved Oral Hygiene 

Maintaining oral hygiene can be tasking if you have misaligned teeth since it can be challenging to reach some areas. Orthodontic treatments like braces can align your teeth correctly, making brushing and flossing easier.

Added Confidence 

People with crooked teeth are sometimes less likely to talk or laugh in public for fear of what people will say or think. Orthodontic treatments can give you a beautiful smile, making it easier for you to confidently interact with others.

Book an Orthodontics Appointment 

Technological advancements in orthodontics have made it easier for orthodontists to diagnose and treat tooth misalignments. You’ll likely encounter x-ray and 3D imaging technologies like the iTero scanner during your appointment. These technologies improve orthodontists’ efficiency by letting them identify oral problems and create dental impressions in minutes.

Palm Beach Orthodontics is dedicated to correcting teeth and jaw problems, giving you the best possible smile. We use the latest technology to promote diagnosis and treatment accuracy. Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your dream smile.

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