What Does It Mean to Be a Board-Certified Orthodontist?

Orthodontic treatments can improve your dental health and smile. The treatments result in well-aligned teeth, which are easier to use, clean, and maintain. Palm Beach Orthodontics aims to deliver the highest quality orthodontic care. Our doctor, Dr. Angela deFabrique-Abiusi, is a board-certified orthodontics specialist, so you can rest assured of getting quality treatment.

What Is a Board-certified Orthodontist?

A board-certified orthodontist is a specialist who’s undergone all the training required to become an orthodontist and sought additional training to provide the highest level of care. To become board certified, an orthodontist should undertake a clinical and written examination issued by the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) — the official certifying body recognized by the American Dental Association. Their examination process is the standard for orthodontic care as it tests orthodontists’ knowledge, skills, and clinical judgment.

Successful completion of the written examination is the first step to becoming board-certified — this exam covers all topics an orthodontist should know. The clinical examination is the second part of the ABO’s certification — orthodontists have to present reports detailing their excellence in patient care from their orthodontic practices or residency programs.

A panel of examiners assesses these reports to determine if they meet the ABO’s standards. They’re then discussed during an oral review that also tests orthodontists’ dental knowledge. After completing both parts of the examination, an orthodontist becomes board certified.

Certification isn’t a one-time achievement — it’s a lifelong commitment, as professionals should undergo certification renewal. The renewal process allows orthodontists to stay up-to-date with the latest dental care technology, pursue continued learning, and re-assess their orthodontic care approaches.

Dr. Angela is a board-certified orthodontist committed to elevating the quality of orthodontic care as per the ABO’s goals. She studied at Nova Southeastern University, earning a certificate in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, allowing her to practice orthodontics. In her strive to offer the highest quality care, she advanced her training and is now a diplomate of the ABO. Her specialized training and skills allow her to prevent, diagnose, and treat dental deformities that affect patients’ functionality, appearance, and confidence.

Do All Orthodontists Need to Be Board Certified?

Orthodontists don’t need to pursue board certification to provide dental care — you may come across several practitioners practicing their craft without certification. While certification isn’t a must-have, it can be beneficial for the following reasons:

They’ll Go the Extra Mile for You

Seeking board certification demonstrates an orthodontist’s willingness to go the extra mile for their patients since it requires a lot of commitment. With orthodontists like Dr. Angela, you can rest assured no dental problem is too big for them. Their dedication to continuing education allows them to tackle issues ranging from misalignment to severe crowding.

You’re Assured of Professional Conduct Throughout Your Treatment 

The ABO holds all certified orthodontists to the highest professional and ethical standards. You can be guaranteed professional conduct and high-quality clinical care when you choose a board-certified specialist.

At Palm Beach Orthodontics, patient care begins when you reach out to us. Our committed staff will help you select the most suitable time for your appointment to prevent long wait times. During your appointment, our orthodontist will conduct an exam and discuss your goals before recommending an appropriate treatment plan. This aligns with the ABO’s standards for patient care and informed consent.

You May Benefit From Advances in Orthodontic Care 

The ABO requires its orthodontists to commit to lifelong learning to maintain their certifications. Board-certified specialists keep up with the latest technologies and treatments to continue providing high-quality care.

Palm Beach Orthodontics provides Invisalign treatments, which have become popular over the years as they allow patients to improve their teeth without drawing too much attention to the treatment. We also use the latest technologies like the iTero scanner, which enhances diagnosis by capturing accurate impressions of patients’ oral structures. The technology also helps us maximize patient comfort by eliminating the need for invasive imaging techniques.

You’ll Receive a Customized Treatment Plan

The ABO requires orthodontists to present detailed case reports to receive certification. These reports should demonstrate an ability to tailor treatments to meet the needs of individual patients. Your dental issue will determine the kind of braces and the period of treatment your orthodontist recommends.

Dr. Angela understands that every patient’s needs are different. She begins all treatments with a consultation to assess the severity of a patient’s dental issues and review their dental history. The doctor’s findings from the consultation determine whether you’ll need treatment and, if so, which options are best suited for your unique needs.

Certification In Orthodontics Can Determine the Quality of Patient Care 

A board-certified orthodontist is a specialist who completes standard orthodontics training and the ABO’s examination process. To become board certified, an orthodontist undergoes written and clinical examinations evaluated by the ABO’s panel of examiners. These examinations test specialists’ clinical judgment, knowledge, and skills to offer quality orthodontic care.

Dr. Angela is a board-certified orthodontist at Palm Beach Orthodontics. Due to her commitment to lifelong learning, we’re constantly exploring ways to improve patient care. We’ve invested in the latest technologies and treatments, so you’re guaranteed quality results when you choose us. Contact us to get on the path to a healthy and beautiful smile.

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