What Should I Do If I Lose My Clear Braces?

Clear braces are an effective treatment for misaligned teeth. They’re removable, so you can eat, brush, and floss normally. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we offer comprehensive orthodontic services, including clear braces treatment. Losing or breaking removable braces is common, so you don’t need to panic. Your treatment is still in progress, and you have various options to stay on track.

3 Steps To Take After Losing Clear Braces

Clear braces are easy to lose because they’re removable. You can take them off and forget where you left them. Other braces, like metal aligners, are fixed and removed by the orthodontist, so you can’t lose them.

You can store braces in the provided casing to avoid leaving them in the open. Even with the best care, you might still lose your braces.

The first step after losing your aligners is to speak to an orthodontist. Consulting a professional allows you to determine the next course of action. Here are three things our board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Angela deFabrique-Abiusi, may recommend:

1.   Order a Replacement Set

Ordering a replacement set is the best decision if you lose your aligners. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we maintain client records and have the information to create new braces that match the ones you lost. We can fabricate the clear aligners on demand. 

You can order your replacement set as soon as you lose the old braces. The earlier you get a replacement, the faster you can get back on track. A replacement set is the best solution because it matches the lost aligners. The braces are fabricated using the same information your orthodontist used to fabricate the lost aligners, so you can expect them to fit perfectly.

Replacement braces allow you to continue with treatment as expected. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we leverage modern technology to expedite imaging and fabrication. Our orthodontist can often design replacement braces within a few days. After fabrication, you can resume treatment where you left off without discomfort.

2.   Move to the Next Set of Aligners

Clear braces treatment involves various sets of aligners. The first set is worn for a couple of weeks to begin the process of correcting your smile. The next set picks up where the first aligners leave off. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we use modern technology to plan your treatment. We can determine the number of braces needed to obtain the desired outcome.

You can order a new set of aligners if you lose your braces when you’re close to moving on to the next set. You can order aligners for your top or bottom teeth only or a full set. Moving to the next set of aligners is an option, but time limits may make it challenging. If you lose your braces early during treatment, switching to the next set isn’t an option.

During your first week, your teeth are yet to shift to the required position for the new set. If the loss comes late in your treatment, you can switch to the next braces without much discomfort. Skipping ahead a little won’t seriously affect your treatment, provided the next braces fit well and feel comfortable.

3.     Move a Step Back to Your Old Braces

Keeping your last braces is a good decision when moving to the next set. You can use them as a backup. If you lose your current set, you can move back to the old braces to protect your teeth from shifting back. This option is only available if you’re at the beginning of using a new set of braces. Speak to an orthodontist before using your old aligners.

At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we provide premium clear aligners and convenient storage packages. You can keep your last braces safe until you no longer need them. If you’re not ready for the next set of aligners, reverting to the previous set can help you maintain results. You can also use the old set while your orthodontist makes a replacement set.

When you lose your braces, your teeth can start to shift back to their former positions. The goal of wearing an old set of braces is to prevent this from happening. If the old braces don’t fit comfortably, your only option is to get a replacement set. Palm Beach Orthodontics can help you determine a safe and convenient option.

Working With Trusted Orthodontists for Clear Braces Treatment

Losing braces isn’t a big concern if you work with a reputable orthodontist. Leading orthodontists can provide multiple solutions to help you stay on track during treatment. Contact our orthodontist as soon as you lose your braces. The earlier you contact an orthodontist, the more likely you’ll preserve results and progress to the next step in treatment.

When you lose your clear braces, contact Palm Beach Orthodontics. Our orthodontist is a board-certified leader in her field and has corrected thousands of smiles for nearly two decades. We can help you with orthodontic treatment and provide instant options for lost braces, including new replacement sets.

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