Are Clear Braces Painful?

Clear Braces

Clear braces are the best way to correct crowded, misaligned, or excessively spaced teeth. They mimic natural teeth to restore the smile, boost self-esteem and prevent oral diseases like cavities. However, braces are not without drawbacks; they can cause discomfort depending on your jaw’s alignment. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we accurately diagnose why your clear braces may hurt, and recommend the best way to alleviate pain.

Do Clear Braces Hurt?

No, clear braces should not hurt. If they do, it’s a temporary pain caused by the pressure of brackets on your teeth. The severity of the pain depends on your oral state and pain intolerance.

Putting more pressure on brittle teeth causes the teeth to crack. This leads to mild pain and discomfort. We first screen your teeth during your appointment to help determine if you’re an excellent candidate for braces.

What to Expect When Wearing Clear Braces for the First Time

At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we understand how hard it can be to get used to something new in your mouth. Having a clear knowledge of what to expect is crucial when preparing for the bracing procedure.

Here’s what to expect in your first week after having clear braces.

First 48 hours

The first 48 hours after getting clear braces are the most uncomfortable. This results from swelling and irritation around your gum line. You are likely to bleed when you are flossing or brushing your teeth. This pain should ease as your mouth heals and adjusts to having braces.

Particles of food stick between your teeth as you eat. Gently remove them by threading a floss between your teeth and the wires. Steer away from foods like crackers and cookies. They are hard to dislodge when stuck between the teeth.

First 72 Hours

Your new braces feel strange at first; they’ll soon become a part of your life. Most of our clients experience mild discomfort during the first 72 hours as their teeth get into place. Contact us for treatment if you experience pain that lasts longer than three or four days.

Your oral hygiene is highly beneficial during this time to minimize infections. Brush and floss regularly and use an antibacterial mouth rinse. The orthodontists recommend applying a piece of gauze to the area where wires come through your gums. This makes it easier to clean around the wires.

You may have some swelling in your cheeks, especially if they are not aligned properly. This results from pushing the cheek too hard against the teeth when you eat or drink something hot or cold. Swelling disappears within a few days.

First Week

The majority of braces patients report feeling no more discomfort with their braces after one week. However, feeling bothered by the metal brackets is normal and expected. Wires constantly move your teeth into position. This causes some irritation. The irritation lessens over time and disappears once you get used to having your braces on.

Pain When the Braces Get Tightened

The first time your braces get tightened is usually the most uncomfortable, no matter how long they have stayed. Tightened wires move closer together, putting pressure on the gum and teeth.

This discomfort subsides after a few days as your mouth gets used to the new position of your teeth. If you’re feeling pain after two weeks, visit Palm Beach Orthodontics as soon as possible. Our experts will make sure everything is okay. It is important to remember that people’s pain tolerance varies significantly, and there is no “normal” amount of discomfort during a brace tightening.

Care and Maintenance for Clear Braces to Reduce Pain

If you’re experiencing consistent pain with your clear braces, try these tricks to help:

  • Don’t bite down too hard on the aligners when eating. This helps avoid any unnecessary pressure on your teeth that causes pain
  • Temporarily take off the aligners when eating to allow them to cool down. Aligners get very hot if you wear them while eating hot food or drinks such as soup or tea.
  • Drink plenty of water during the day to reduce dry mouth symptoms. These symptoms causes discomfort in the mouth.
  • Clean the braces, so they don’t get irritated by food particles trapped between them. It is best if you also brush after every meal and snack or sugary drink (including sports drinks).

Care For Painful Braces—Consult an Orthodontist

When you use the previously mentioned advice, clear braces should not be consistently painful unless you have an underlying condition that affects your oral health. After one week, you are good to continue your life normally without any irritation, bleeding, or pain.

At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we take our time to evaluate your condition and create the best treatment plan that works for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment or visit us at our clinic for a physical examination.

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