6 Ways to Avoid Breaking Your Invisalign


Dr. Angela has a track record of perfecting over 10,000 smiles for countless families and celebrities. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, Dr. Angela and her team provide effective treatment plans for methods like Invisalign. With our dental experts, you’ll be able to achieve a low Invisalign cost and receive guidance on how to properly care for your Invisaslign aligners, including the following tips.

1.) Use the Proper Methods to Remove Your Aligners

It can be a challenge to remove aligners when beginning your dental treatment. Some patients may not be aware of the best methods for the removal process and can even damage their aligners in their attempts.

The best way to pull out your aligners is to start from the back and slowly work your way to the front. Since you’ll be removing them several times a day, having an Invisalign pull tool helps speed up the process. Pull tools provide careful methods to help remove aligners without exposing the inside of your mouth to your hands.

At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we’ll provide you with the right tools you can use with your aligners.

2.) Make a Habit of Clean Your Trays

As you take your trays with you, make a routine plan to clean them at least twice daily. Failing to clean them adequately could cause you to develop dental conditions such as tooth decay and bad breath.

When cleaning your trays, only use Invisalign cleaning solutions that your dental provider prescribes. To reduce bacteria growth, rinse them out with only lukewarm water. Hot water can bend your plastics and add to your Invisalign cost.

Incorporating these hygienic cleaning processes into your routine will help protect your Invisalign and keep your teeth healthy.

3.) Remove Your Aligners Before You Consume Food or Drinks

Before you sit down to enjoy your favorite food or drink, remember to take off your trays. You can leave them on if you’re drinking regular water.

As for colored beverages like coffee, they can stain or bend your trays if aligners are on. Consuming food while wearing your aligners can also crack or damage them. While the materials in aligners are durable, your tooth’s strength can cut into them.

With Invisalign retainers, you have the flexibility to drink or eat whatever you feel at the moment. By following these tips, you can make your Invisalign last and provide relief for your tooth health.

4.) Place Your Aligners in Your Case

You’ll also want to take your Invisalign case with you as you go out. As you travel, store your aligners in there to keep them safe. Leaving them out in the open can expose them to germs and bacteria that can damage them.

If you accidentally leave them out, immediately soak them in the prescribed cleaning solutions. Once you do, rinse them off before you put your Invisalign back on.

With proper retainer care, you can maintain healthy teeth and avoid an Invisalign cost for replacements.

5.) Carefully Shave Sharp Edges with a Clean Nail File

As you adjust to your new aligner, some sharp edges may appear along its boundaries.  They may bring discomfort to places within your mouth.

To gradually shave the edges down, prudently utilize a brand new and clean nail file to shave the edges down gradually. Once you complete this step, put your Invisalign back on to see if you feel irritation or not. If you do, shave it down some more until the discomfort stops.

As you shave down your aligners, do so with caution since shaving down too much can bend your aligners. If you’re unsure how to perform these steps, feel free to call us. Our team will work to fix the sharp edges and provide you with more comfortable aligners.

6.) Stay On Course With Your Aligner Schedule

While moving on to a new set of trays can be exciting, acting too quickly can bring you problems. You may be enduring pain and irritation within your mouth. Your aligners may also develop cracks and may even break off.

By sticking to your aligner schedule, you can avoid these issues. Before you move on to your next trays, wait for your teeth to be ready to transition. Dr. Angela and her team will provide you with expert tips on how to address issues within your aligner schedule.

With expert guidance from Palm Beach Orthodontics, you won’t need to face an additional Invisalign cost. You’ll also be on track to have the most effective oral treatment.

Choose An Orthodontist That Prioritizes Your Dental Health And Helps You Achieve A Low Invisalign Cost

Dental treatments like clear aligners can boost your confidence and avoid dental diseases like tooth decay and other issues, all at a low cost.

If you’re ready to enjoy the best quality dental health, contact us today. Our team at Palm Beach Orthodontics will have you on a treatment path that makes you feel you again.

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