What Is Covered in the Cost of Clear Braces?

Clear aligners/braces have become popular for people concerned about their cosmetic appearance during treatment. The braces are transparent, and aligners are almost invisible, so you can wear them to work or other social settings. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we provide professional orthodontic services, including clear braces and aligners. We have unique clear aligners, and the cost varies based on a few factors.

What Do You Pay for in Clear Brace Treatment?

The cost of clear braces varies by type, severity or misalignment, and location. When you visit an orthodontist offering clear aligners, you’ll get a breakdown of the pricing, including what you’ll pay for. Most pricing structures include materials, fabrication, and technology costs. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we offer transparent pricing so you can know what you’re paying for. Here’s an overview of what’s covered in the cost of your treatment:


The cost of your treatment is mainly influenced by the braces you get. Lingual braces (behind the teeth) tend to cost the most. Clear aligners like Invisalign cost more than clear ceramic braces, which cost more than traditional metal braces.


The cost of treatment always includes the fabrication service and technology. Clear aligners require unique fabrication technology to produce the trays and brackets. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we use advanced 3D imaging and fabrication technology to deliver high-quality braces.


Brace treatment is a professional service provided by experienced orthodontists.

You’ll pay for different services, including professional consultation, diagnosis/examination, and post-treatment care. You may also need other services like cleaning and whitening. The services are charged as part of the braces treatment. Orthodontists and dental clinics charge different prices based on experience, location, treatment duration, and other factors.


The cost of braces treatment covers overhead and other related expenses involved in providing the service. Orthodontic clinics must accommodate the cost of rent, equipment depreciation, phone bills, and more. The facility will likely spend part of the money on these and other costs. Overhead isn’t linked to any revenue unit but must be paid for by the products and services offered by the business.

What Influences the Cost of Clear Braces?

Clear aligners come in different forms with unique materials, characteristics, and prices. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we offer various options, including self-litigating braces, clear ceramic aligners, and Invisalign. Our orthodontist can treat all teeth and jaw alignment issues, from minor to severe misalignment.  Below are four factors that influence how much you’ll pay:

  1. Type of Braces

Not all braces cost the same. Some are made from costly materials and require more work to fabricate and set up. Others involve additional services to protect existing teeth from damage during brace treatment. Invisalign is one of the affordable treatments we offer, but not everyone is a suitable candidate. You may need lingual braces or a combination of clear ceramic and metal braces. Each brace type has a unique price range.

  1. Length of Treatment

Your treatment may take several months and involve multiple appointments. The length of treatment depends on the severity of the misalignment. Some conditions need more time and appointments to fix, which translates to more services. If you’re using Invisalign, the orthodontist must fabricate enough trays to achieve the desired alignment. Additional aligners may lead to extra costs.

  1. Orthodontist Expertise

You need experienced orthodontists to treat severe malocclusion. Working with a board-certified orthodontist will give you the best results. Long-serving doctors may also charge more for their services compared to new graduates. Additional costs may contribute to continuing education or new certifications. Our own Dr. Angela treats doctors, families, and celebrities at Palm Beach Orthodontics. We’ve perfected thousands of smiles since 2005 and take pride in restoring the confidence in our clients.

  1. Brand & Facility

Some clear aligners brands cost more than others for various reasons. The aligners may offer unique benefits like less visibility, easy use, low maintenance, or faster treatment. Other brands have been around for many years and charge more for their longevity. New clinics may offer lower prices to incentivize clients to choose their facility. You should stick to reputable orthodontists with full-service facilities and quality braces.

Clear Braces Treatment in Palm Beach County

If you have crooked teeth, braces can help you achieve proper alignment. You can choose traditional metal braces or go with clear ceramic braces. Lingual braces are also an option that offers low visibility. Most braces are fixed, while aligners are removable. You can also find at-home or in-office braces.

Clear braces have many advantages but are primarily selected for their cosmetic benefit. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we provide customized orthodontic services to clients in Palm Beach County. Our board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Angela, has nearly two decades of experience and leverages advanced technology to give you a beautiful smile. We use 3D imaging, iTero scanners, and other modern technologies to deliver the best outcome.

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