What Procedures Are Considered Orthodontic?

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If you are looking to have orthodontic work done on your smile, you may wonder what kind of procedures are included under this umbrella. Orthodontics is a broad term that encompasses braces for adults and kids as well as other treatments. Here is a look at the procedures Dr. Angela at Palm Beach Orthodontics offers:

What Is Orthodontics?

When you think of orthodontics, you may only think about braces. While braces are a part of this area of dental medicine, they are not the total definition of what orthodontics is all about. It is a specialization in dentistry on the diagnosis of dental abnormalities along with the prevention and treatment of those conditions. Orthodontics also takes into account abnormalities of the face as it pertains to the mouth, such as the jaw.

Treatment Procedures for Orthodontics

Orthodontics involves multiple visits and various procedures. At Palm Beach Orthodontics, Dr. Angela will take an X-ray of your mouth to determine the position of your jaws and teeth. With the help of an X-ray, she can determine what treatment will work best for your current dental situation. X-rays also help monitor the growth of teeth in children.

Dr. Angela may also take an impression of your teeth as part of the treatment plan. She can make a model of your teeth by having you bite into a soft material. It will harden into a mold that can be used to prepare your braces, if that is what she decides is the best course of action.

Banding is the term used to describe fitting the bands on your teeth. Bonding is what happens when the orthodontist attaches the brackets to the teeth with orthodontic cement. You will attend follow-up appointments to have your braces adjusted. The orthodontist monitors your progress to determine when the braces are ready to come off.

Once you are finished with a set of braces, Dr. Angela will need to schedule an appointment with you so she can remove the bands. She will also debond or remove the brackets from your teeth. You will need to continue with regular tooth care and dental appointments to ensure your teeth remain healthy.

Braces as a Common Orthodontic Procedure

When you think of orthodontics, you probably picture those traditional metal braces. They have been around for years, helping improve smiles everywhere. However, metal is only one of the materials used on braces today.

Metal Braces

At Palm Beach Orthodontics, our metal braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and are highly successful in giving you the smile you want. One of the fun aspects of metal braces is using colored elastics to create a unique look. Metal brackets and archwires are the components of metal braces that help straighten your teeth. They are adjusted a little at a time until your teeth are in the correct position.

Self-litigating Braces

Self-litigating braces look like the traditional kind, but they do not use elastics. They are made from metal just like the traditional braces. The difference is that no elastics translates into fewer appointments. There is also less pressure on the teeth and not as many adjustments to be made. In place of the elastics, there are clips to keep the archwire in place.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are less visible than the other options. They are ceramic, which means they do require more care because they tend to be more brittle. Ceramic braces often appeal to older teens and adults who do not want their braces to be too noticeable. These braces are larger and often used on upper teeth and not on the lower teeth.

Clear Aligners

Another option at Palm Beach Orthodontics for straightening teeth is clear aligners. Clear aligners are acrylic trays that you can slip on and off your teeth. They are mostly invisible, so most people will not be able to tell you are wearing them. Clear aligners can also be more comfortable since they are not made of metal and tend to be less abrasive.

Early Treatment

At Palm Beach Orthodontics, we also offer early treatment procedures which consist of providing care for children who are too young to begin regular orthodontics. Patients are usually around eight or nine years old when they start early treatment. Rather than focusing on straightening teeth, the goal is to correct bite problems and the growth of the jaw.

Children who have protruding teeth or teeth crowded together may benefit from early orthodontic treatment. Kids who suck their thumbs longer than normal or who use a binky for a significant amount of time often need orthodontic care. However, early treatment with Palm Beach Orthodontics can help reduce the amount of orthodontic care needed later.

Adult Orthodontics

Orthodontic care isn’t just for kids and teens anymore. Many adults choose to get braces to improve their smile and self-confidence. They may have an over or under bite, which causes the teeth to sit incorrectly. Their teeth may be crowded, or they may have too much space between them. Pain or pressure along the jaw may be caused by crooked teeth.

Orthodontic care for adults may look different than it would for kids because adults may have worn teeth, gum disease, or other conditions that affect treatment. Dr. Angela at Palm Beach Orthodontics provides care for adults and kids alike. She offers a range of treatments to help adults feel confident about their smiles.

A Consultation Is the First Step

Your first step in orthodontics treatment is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Angela. She will conduct an exam and discuss your goals for yourself or your child. Once she has completed the exam and reviewed your X-rays, she will discuss your treatment plan.

If she decides braces are your best option, you may also discuss the type of braces you would prefer. Once you have determined that you are ready to move forward, you can schedule appointments for the various procedures.

Dr. Angela is board-certified and has improved thousands of smiles in her work as a Palm Beach orthodontist. She even provides virtual consultations to make it easier to get the care you need.

Contact Dr. Angela at Palm Beach Orthodontics for a free consultation to find out what you need to do to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

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